Raghu Ramanujam

Career Milestones

Absolutely proud of and very fortunate for my journeys with 2 of the most remarkable product companies out of India, early in my career, and at Flipkart currently. All 3 of these companies have had phases of massive growth but have also shown resilience to weather challenging times and thrive

Organization and You

Flipkart's focus on customer satisfaction, innovation and scale resonates with my belief of what Products and Product Managers should aspire for. As head of Flipkart's payments products, my teams mission is to Digitize India.

Core Competencies

Agile decision making, Ability to pick up the signal from the noise, Building a team

Go to food for thought

  • Mind the Product
  • The Ken
  • Signal Vs Noise
  • Joel on software (some great learnings from there, early in my PM career)
  • LinkedIn

Favorite Products

  • Google Search (what would we have done without it)
  • Amazon Audible (turning traffic stress to some great learning opportunity)
  • The first iPhone I used in 2009 (so intuitive and so clever)

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community