Prateek Gupte

Career Milestones

Built the B2B enterprise business and scaled the product at Haptik. 2x Entrepreneur. Gaming, Enterprise SaaS and Tech.

Organization and You

The team at Haptik is one of the brightest set of people I have worked with! I am always learning from them and they constant push me to evolve. Working with them to find practical applications of emerging technology in AI and NLP has been both challenging and rewarding.

Core Competencies

I have a very strong hands-on background with technology. Design, strategy and general management come a close second. I'm working on improving my marketing chops especially around product marketing and content.

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Newsletters and Podcasts -> Farnam Street, a16z, SWLW, Social Studies Complete

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Favorite Products

Oculus Quest -> All display surfaces will be virtual in 10 years

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