Parth Sangani

Career Milestones

Having worked in the catalog and selection expansion space, I can say that each market is different and the fun and challenge has been understanding what works and what doesn’t in each market. Getting the right sources of data and benchmarks, defining the right metrics, and prioritizing what products to add all add up to create a unique set of challenges. Highlights would be helping expand Amazon EU fashion lines, building Amazon catalogs in the UAE, Turkey and helping launch Saudi Arabia. I am currently working on creating a roadmap to identify which items to deliver faster to Amazon customers WW, which is super exciting as well.

Organization and You

I enjoy Amazon's fast paced, the decentralized model of working, Generally my day involves catching up with Engineering, Operations, Analytics in the first half on the planned sprints, and product and project action items, while the second half goes into reviews with the various country teams on selection goals, performance and as well as product roadmap reviews and escalations. The one negative of working with teams across multiple orgs across different time-zones is an unusually chaotic calendar! I always wanted to get exposure to all elements needed to run a business (i.e. a deep generalist). Having had the opportunity to work across operations, program and product roles at Amazon, everything has come full circle and it has been a journey filled with learning.

Core Competencies

People leadership, Metric design, and creating fault tolerant scalable systems would the top three

Go to food for thought

  • Blogs - Stratechery by Ben Thompson Waitbutwhy by Tim Urban
  • Websites -
  • Books - Principles, Clash of the Civilizations, Godel Escher Bach, Thinking; Fast and Slow, Ender's Saga and Three Body Problem (fiction series)

Favorite Products

App : Duolingo - Simply the best at gamification and making learning fun |

Firms : Lego and Red Bull - Essentially 1 SKU companies which prove that you only need one use-case to thrive.

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