Padmini Janaki

Career Milestones

There are quite a few professionally but but creating your own product and seeing impact live is what I see as a career milestone. When the product management podcast theprodcast reaches 5k downloads in few months of launch I felt happy but when I saw people sending me personal messages on how the podcast impacted their career and product journey I felt fulfilled and energised to touch the 50k mark now every soon.

Organization and You

I Consult various companies, one value I check before picking any company is their maturity level in design, their approach towards people and new ideas.

Core Competencies

Empathy is one of the most important skill one should have while making products, every other skill comes with experience and conversation, empathy is one skill one should develop with deeper understanding.

Go to food for thought

There are quite a lot of book I have recommended in my articles, also with information over load there are many sources. I suggest you to define what you want and you will easily pick the right content!

Favorite Products

  • Mimo
  • Facetory
  • Swiggy
  • Udemy

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community