Movin Jain

Career Milestones

Launched a photo app in my startup, learnt the 'start with the problem, not a solution' lesson the hard way!

Organization and You

My personal goal is to build something that lives after me, and makes lives better. At PhonePe, I have a chance to innovate and build financial inclusion for a billion Indians - which is a great shot at my goal.

A typical day consists of stakeholder conversations, creating roadmaps, brainstorming on problems and discovering solutions, reviewing ongoing execution, analysing data, solving bugs and getting coffee for engineers :-)

Core Competencies

Good understanding of Tech tradeoffs and constraints, and the ability to wear a developer's hat.

Go to food for thought

I keenly read Observer Effect by @sriramk, and closely follow him and Shreyas Doshi on Twitter. Like reading Stratechery by Ben Thompson.

Favorite Products

iPhone, WhatsApp - they just work, very simple to use. Very few decisions to make, takes a lot of thinking burden off me.

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community