Mohit Anand

Career Milestones

I have been fortunate to work in all the key industries (Service, Startup and Product) across 3 disciplines (Development, QA and Product Management) which shaped up my thinking and experience. Here are a few things which I feel good about:

  • Shipped features in the Grofers app which increased the Success rate of Online payments, Improved the Customer Success team metrics and Response time for any inbound communication by the customer.
  • Part of the founding team for the Microsoft Office mobile app which got launched across Android and iOS in December 2019.
  • Helping PowerPoint customers in authoring and rehearsing their presentations by launching AI-powered Designer and Presenter Coach.

Organization and You

I get excited by the mission statement of Microsoft which is "To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more"!

I am currently working in the PowerPoint team where we have the mission of 'Enabling users to tell compelling stories anytime anywhere' and we are thinking of some revolutionary features which help us achieve this mission using cutting edge technology.

I believe in self-productivity a lot, so having your company's mission statement on the same lines is a boon :)

Core Competencies

  • Customer Empathy
  • Structured Thinking
  • Husting and Execution
  • One eye on the Telescope and One eye on the Microscope

Go to food for thought

Newsletters - Stratechery (Tech and Business Strategy), Lenny Rachitsky (PM), James Clear (Life).

Blog: Reforge, Intercom, Sachin Rekhi's 100 resources for PM, Inverted Passion.

Books - Zero to One, The Mom Test, Alchemy, Deep work, Catalyst.

Favorite Products

  • WhatsApp - Life runs on it!
  • Youtube, Google maps - Can't pin-point a singe missing feature!
  • Tiktok- Best entertainment app ever created, I miss it everyday!
  • PhonePe- 1-stop payments product for me!

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