Kshitij Bhardwaj

Career Milestones

Starting my professional journey at Flipkart as an interaction designer to helping Gojek scale its suite of payment products & growing small teams to be important partners in the org, I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the smartest and the most supporting people :). Having worked as a Product Manager and designer for years, I have been leading a group of teams who help organisations achieve audacious goals through products that users desire. I am a design graduate , Engineer by heart who codes occasionally. I indulge in transforming ideas into market-ready products with an amazing experience.

Organization and You

The sheer scale of impact that one creates in people's lives through Gojek is momentous. The fact that Gojek alone contributes more than 1% in Indonesia's GDP is a testimony to its impact.

Core Competencies

Asking the right questions, mostly.

Being a Jack of many trades

Balancing being hands-on and hands-off depending on context

Go to food for thought

I do not follow any as such but occasionally I read ideas shared by Marty Cagan (SVPG) and Ben Thompson (Stratechery). I do believe that anyone who is engaged in building products and services must understand their offering is a mere means to an end for users. Users prefer those means which are easy, efficient and intuitive to use. So, I always recommend "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug to anyone who asks.

Favorite Products

I have been an active user of Google Keep since its launch. It's a simple application packed not just with powerful features but also great performance on all devices.

Google Maps - It's an indispensable travel companion! It's an epitome of product brilliance that abstracts the complex but beautiful technology behind the scenes to make users' lives simpler.

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