Khilan Haria

Career Milestones

Getting a chance to create impact for the businesses we work with throughout my career has been on immense gratification. At Yahoo, our product suite was the lifeline for the 10s of thousands of eretailers on the Platform. At Razorpay, I get an opportunity to do the same with an ever larger set of businesses.

Organization and You

Creating an impact to scale India's Digital economy to 100x is what keeps me going at Razorpay. My personal goal is to create livelihood impact to millions across the breadth of India and Razorpay gives me a real shot at the same. My typical day starts and ends with meetings. I would spend time on consuming the pulse of the customer through direct interactions or indirect feedback, work with the team on figuring out new opportunities of innovation as well as focus on executing the current roadmap.

Core Competencies

  • Strategic planning
  • Execution and getting things done
  • Data driven thinking

Go to food for thought

Customer experience is of paramount importance for any PM. Here are a few gold standard books that show the real world impact of experience:

  • Design of Everyday Things
  • Delivering Happiness
  • The Everything Store

I consume happenings in the world of Product & Technology through:

  • Techcrunch
  • Y Combinator blogs
  • Product Hunt
  • Yourstory
  • The Ken
  • Twitter & Linkedin
  • a16z podcast
  • Saastr

Favorite Products

Super impressed by

  • Superhuman
  • Slack
  • Zerodha.

All 3 products have created real value for me as a consumer. With Slack, we have fostered communication and removed information arbitrage. With Superhuman, I can do the same work in half the time and with Zerodha, my basic workflows are automated and digitised. Managing direct mutual funds before Zerodha Coin was a nightmare.

Come For the Content
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