Karthi Subbaraman

Career Milestones

When Steve Jobs sent an email to IWS Global Design Director in HP saying that we were finally thinking about design the right way, showing a printer i designed!

Priceless moment...

Organization and You

Creating a Maker's guild is a herculean task. I just love the volume and the intensity of the problem. My personal goal is to die well and I am sure Xperian is helping in making it happen every single day :)

Core Competencies

Creative Problem Solving is a meta skillset. It includes User Research, Wireframing, Product Strategy, Facilitation, Storytelling, Visual Thinking, Prototyping and all things that will take me to product success.

Go to food for thought

  • Inspired by Marty Cagan is a timeless book.
  • 75 resources for Product Managers by Sachin Reiki is priceless.
  • Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman is my favorite.

Favorite Products

I may be biased to say, the Apple Ecosystem. Every product is well thought through. I still crib about one or two things but Apple is a company i will look upto in product making. Starting from Keynote all the way to Mac OS everything is well thought through from a HCD perspective. My personal experience and I am not going to debate this with Android lovers :)

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