Jasjit Singh

Career Milestones

I am proud of the countless mistakes that I have done in my journey. Every mistake taught me to pick up the strings, go back to the drawing board, think again and come back. Never be afraid to fail. It is when you fail that you enrich yourselves with perspectives that never existed for you!

Organization and You

The impact and scope of problems that we solve in order to make the world a more sustainable place and upgrade human lives in the process :)

Core Competencies

I am good at defining experiences while keeping the user at the centre of it. I have picked up a lot of stakeholder management while at OLX. I do have a knack of getting out of situations with some out of the box thinking ;)

Go to food for thought

  • I really loved 'Starting with why?
  • 'Hooked', I wish I had read them early in my career.

Favorite Products

Google Search: It brings all the human intellect to the finger tips on the click of a button through just a search bar and a button. Simple yet super powerful!

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community