Gireesh Subramaniam

Career Milestones

Like most people, I did engineering and then thought about what I really like doing. I stumbled into Product management after my failed startup. I am happy that I have seen 0-1, 1-10 and 100M+ phases of products across companies in my career so far. I love learnings new things and am an eternal optimist. I try :)

Organization and You

My current role is leading the business(product marketing, product design and product management) for the CX business - Freshdesk,Freshdesk Omnichannel ,Freddy AI for CX and Freshsuccess , here at Freshworks.

Core Competencies

  • Problem Understanding and solution.
  • Team building

Go to food for thought

I think the best learning happens on the job . Learning by doing. For inspiration, try products with a curiosity to learn.

Favorite Products

  • Gmail (As they improve their automation, it can one day , replace most managers like me :) )
  • Excel - nothing beats the versatility and utility of a simple Excel sheet.

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community