Chandramouli Gopalakrishnan

Career Milestones

The Travenues story (my last gig) was the proud point of my startup journey. A complete 0->1 journey. We built a Shopify for Airlines. Acq-hired into SpiceJet. If not for Covid, we would have been out there conquering the world.

Organization and You

The MS Graph platform deals with one of the largest data platforms on the planet. Super pumped to be working on expanding it, and moving some core legacy stuff into the new platform.

Core Competencies

Stakeholder management and Relentless Execution.

Go to food for thought

Twitter, twitter, twitter.!

Favorite Products

This is a #DosaWithMouli conversation in itself ;-)

Inspiration List

Pankaj Gupta (@pankaj) and Shreyas Doshi (@shreyas) come high in the list, but so many others in Twitter. Too many to list.

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Stay For the Community