Anjali Kumari

Career Milestones

Building products for last 14 years. Notable organizations include, Capillary Technologies, ThoughtSpot. Learnt a lot as part of the leadership team at Capillary Technologies. Was responsible for the Core Products that contributed to 95% of the business. Built the India Product Management & User experience team from scratch. Transformed India into a strategic center from an execution focused one.

Organization and You

ThoughtSpot disrupted the BI and Analytics space with its search-first approach. Our vision is to create a more fact-driven world and it shows in whatever we do. Our product team is very data driven and I love that fact.

Core Competencies

Product Strategy, Influential, Laser-focused strategy & execution.

Go to food for thought

Books I love:

  • Hard things about Hard things
  • Design Sprint
  • LeanIn
  • Measure what matters
  • Zero to One
  • Inspired
  • Hooked

Favorite Products

Airbnb - Impressed with the innovative model and the focus on User experience;

Whatsapp - with the ease of use, my non-tech parents are hooked as well;

Apple products - True example of how user experience can win the world.

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community