About  Project  X

Projekt X is an initiative by The Product Folks community.


Here you get a chance to get your ideas/work reviewed by Top Industry people. present your work – be it a random idea you worked on as a side project or something solid you did as a pert of your work in fields of Product – PM, Design – UI/UX, Growth or Marketing/Branding- Campaigns.


You can submit any idea/project that you’ve worked on here, the shortlisted ideas will get a chance to present it live to Veterans/Senior industry people during the main event. Think of it as an idea/pitching session but for work done in Product, Design, Growth or Marketing verticals.

How it works?

Step 1

Register for Projekt X

Step 2

Share your Product Pitch in Video/PPT

Step 3

Get selected under Top 10 ideas for your track

Step 4

Pitch your ideas to industry leaders and get feedback


Ready to apply?

Projekt X is open to all. There is no country limit. There is no expertise required. You just need a project and an internet connection to apply.

If you have any questions, feel free to ping @MotwaniSuhas or @abhayjani4 on Twitter.

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