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Salad started in early 2020 when Aruna Chawla (Founder — CEO) realised how little women know about their own bodies through her background in women’s wellness and research spanning 6 long years. We launched our first product with Salad Condoms.

We received a lot of praise, brand loyalty and trust because of our transparency and radically unique approach to women’s wellness. However, it was clear that changing centuries of structural inequalities, cultural perceptions, and behaviours was not a small business’ cup of tea. It was time to go back to the drawing board.

We’re back: we’re still on the mission to demystify a woman’s body for her. But we’re going to solve the problem at its root now. We believe the more women live in sync with their bodies (and not against it), the easier it is to create a life that is powerful, abundant, and radiant.

Karishma Rathaur (Co-Founder — COO) joined us in August 2022. She has led growth and operations in hyper-scale consumer tech companies. We’re an Antler India Resident company building a lifestyle management platform for people who menstruate.

Together, we are on a mission to improve the overall well-being for 355M menstruators in India.

Your Responsibilities

  • Partner with the founders to build out the product vision, strategy and features.
  • Work with a team of engineers to develop the MVP end-to-end.
  • Clearly articulate and demonstrate engineering solutions to non-technical stakeholders.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Computer science undergraduate degree or other engineering degree equivalent.
  • Minimum 4 years of Product Management experience.
  • Demonstrable experience in understanding user points of view to build and improve products.
  • Solid analytical ability such that you can build meaningful cases for or against an idea.
  • A "driver" personality. You would thrive in an environment with high autonomy and minimal direction day-to-day.
  • Moderate to high level of comfort in uncertain situations and with taking risks. You would be a part of the 0-to-1 journey of a startup.
  • Growth mindset. You love dealing with fast pace, changing needs, and can work with limited resources.
  • Personal interest in enabling and following a healthy, sustainable, and mindful lifestyle.

What’s the culture like at Salad

  • Workplace Practices
  • We are a remote-first company. We work asynchronously as much as possible, and therefore, have flexible work timings. We meet once a quarter at a location convenient to most of our team members for an offsite.
  • We expect our team members to work with each other in respectful, delightful ways. We are a community of doers and believers.
  • We document our work with a high degree of discipline to ensure transparency and collaboration across all team members. We follow the OKR methodology to drive alignment in the goals we are chasing as a team as well as individually. Our current tool stack includes Notion, Slack, Loom, and Google Suite.
  • We strongly believe that great products and great companies can be built without the hustle culture. We are a team of wives, husbands, sons, daughters, girlfriends, boyfriends (and hopefully soon mothers and fathers), and believe that family and health are equally important as work.
  • We place disproportionate value on self-drive and a growth mindset. Salad will always be a small-sized team where each team member is given high trust and high autonomy. This means that people with high self-drive and willingness to up-skill themselves frequently thrive better at Salad.
  • We are a diversity-by-default company. We will give first preference to people who have lived the experiences we want to solve for any roles that come up.
  • Hiring
  • Our hiring process consists of 3 steps. The first two are interviews with any two current team members at Salad. The third step is a 2 week part-time work sprint, where we can understand your working style and skillset match and you can experience the culture at Salad.
  • Compensation & Rewards Philosophy

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