Udhyam Vyapaar

Product Manager

Bangalore, India
Product Management


Udhyam Vyapaar

At Udhyam Learning Foundation (Udhyam), our vision is to ā€œCo-create a caring world, where people fearlessly pursue their potentialā€. We believe that every person has immense potential and Entrepreneurship is a powerful way to channelise this potential. Entrepreneurship enables agency and allows an individual to work to his/her strengths while creating value for the world. Udhyam is working to unleash this potential via Entrepreneurship.

At Udhyam Vyapaar we work with the nano business segment. While initiatives abound for the MSME segment at large, this subset is often left unattended. This segment includes entrepreneurs involved in the informal sector, such as ironing carts & kiosks, small kirana shops, vegetable/fruit/flower vendors, small food and beverage stalls, fledgling homepreneurs, artisans, tailors, etc. While this segment of entrepreneurs plays a vital role by providing many essential services to society, they are often ignored.

Our goal is to identify and solve large problems faced by this nano-entrepreneur base. Watch this video to learn more about what we do.

Your Responsibilities

The primary goal for this role is to build out a scalable product that is able to deliver impact at scale.

Responsibilities :

  • Product planning & execution : Productise various aspects of the process of diagnosis, problem validation & solution delivery
  • Product growth : Develop a go-to-market strategy for the product. Identify partners/systems/tech to optimise for scale & Ā drive efforts to integrate the product in the user's ecosystem.
  • Customer research and data analysis : Conduct user research, analyse data, identify user needs and behaviours; and accordingly build and improve product features.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 3-7 years experience building and scaling products
  • Strong data orientation, with an ability to analyse data, identify trends and insights, and iterate accordingly
  • Customer backed problem solving
  • Ability to plan & execute to tight deadlines

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