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At Atlan, we are both proud and humbled by the fact that we are building products that power data teams in more than 50 countries around the world, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 giants. Our products form the very backbone of our users, have become a part of their daily workflows and directly impact their success.

In the past decade, products like Github helped companies build great engineering cultures. At Atlan, we are on a quest to help build winning data teams of the future.

Your Responsibilities

  • This will be unlike any product team you know. At Atlan, building a great product is just the start of our journey. Our mission to help the humans of data do more together.
  • We believe that the data function is still "norming", and the data leaders and practitioners we speak to can use tons of help as we cement the data function in the organization fabric. This means being part of and contributing to a broader movement — the shaping of products for the modern data stack.
  • You'll collaborate with the business team to understand business needs and users, and translate them into actionable insights for the engineering team.
  • You'll use product insights and enable our team to make effective day-to-day decisions.
  • You'll identify issues, roadblocks, and opportunities by speaking regularly with users.
  • You'll understand user flows, take feedback from customers, conduct market research, and align all these with the product roadmap.
  • You’ll actively geek out over relevant technologies in the data space, since you have to keep yourself updated on the trends in the data ecosystem.

Required Skills and Experience

  • You have been a tech startup founder or are an entrepreneur at heart. You understand what it really takes to build a strong product.
  • You have empathy for our users, openness to feedback, and a passion for building great global products.
  • You have a strong understanding of design, user experience, growth, and hands-on experience in solving engineering problems.
  • You're eager to learn new things, solve complex problems, and most importantly build by keeping user needs at the core of everything.
  • You have impeccable communication skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. Strong listening skills are key to success in this role.
  • You have a passion for staying up to date on the latest trends, tools, and growth hacks in products. (You should follow the best makers on Product Hunt.)

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