Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing
10 - 100 Employees



Flotail is a digital studio building custom tools and providing solutions. We help businesses and individuals to grow with custom tools for web and beyond. Making lives easier with our expertise.
The process that we follow
1. Outlining & wireframing of project
2. UI/UX for project
3. Delivering results & success

We are here for you and your growing business to provide technologies and systems that scale with efficiency and quality so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Your Responsibilities

- Social media management, including strategy, messaging, content writing and scheduling


- Content marketing, including blog writing, publishing, press release writing, and distribution


- Email marketing, including content writing and marketing automation


- Designwork, including editing and creating images, illustrations, and video editing


- Analytics and reporting, including tracking metrics and analyzing data

- Running specific campaigns, including launching products on platforms such as HackersNews and ProductHunt, reaching out to communities on LinkedIn andFacebook, and influencer marketing

- Getting press coverage and podcast appearances


Required Skills and Experience

- Content writing and editing skills


- Strong computer and internet skills


- Knowledge on design tools and marketing tools


- Understanding of digital marketing or students at digital marketing course

Email us at netneudevelopers@gmail.com or naman@flotail.com


Call us at

+919079670764 (Naman Jain ) (founder)

+918960446314(Raghav) (Marketing Head)

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