Spark Studio

Associate Product Manager

Product Management
7-10 LPA without ESOPs
10 - 100 Employees


Spark Studio is a Y Combinator-backed company founded by IIT - IIM alums that teaches children Speaking, Art & Music. We were GSV’s top 20 most innovative companies of 2022. Parents are looking to add creativity & confidence to their children’s lives. We’re solving this with curriculum & technology.

Your Responsibilities

As an APM you will “insert LLM generated APM task list.....”Let’s be honest, APMs do everything including, but not limited to negotiating with Tech folks, understanding business needs (making copious notes of moonshot ideas), articulating content requirements (explaining what chatgpt is), enabling operations (firefighting), deciphering design & helping sales meet targets. Plus writing Jira tickets. But you’ll never be asked to make coffee. That’s a job for a Senior PM (more face time).

Required Skills and Experience

- Candidates with 1-2 years of tech / data background.
- We welcome Developers; QA engineers; Data & Business Analysts, Project Managers / Freshers

What you’ll be working on:

● Perfecting a kid-first learning app.
● Operations smoothening (We weren’t joking about that bit)
● Understanding the user (lots of customer calls)
● Speech Tech & NLP / LLMs

Hiring Process:

- 1 Screening with CPO.
- 1 long format with CPO.
- 1 with Head of Engineering.
- 1 with Business.

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