Himani Auplish

Career Milestones

I started my journey as a visual designer and have discovered an excessive interest in User Experience Design. Each product that I work on is an achievement because its a new user group, new challenge and new things to learn with every new idea or brief. It is most interesting when two completely un-related products lend ideas to each other.

Organization and You

What excites me the most is the focus on learning and failing. My current organisation allows each one of us to fail and learn from it which makes all of us better at what we do. Learning to fail and get up has given me the confidence to not be afraid to take chances and eventually that will help me with my personal goal, which is to be able to channelise and generate impact through behavioural change.

Typical day in my current role is filed with juggling between various engagements. I am responsible for product management, training designers and maintaining quality for each and every design idea that reaches the client and eventually the user.

Core Competencies

I would say design as I have been formally trained in that and that is one place were the rest of the hats converge.

Go to food for thought

All designers and product managers need to know something about everything. I personally put games and play in your work at the highest priority. I wouldn't recommend a particular genre or kind of book/podcast however I do have some favorites

1. Freakonomics Podcast Series.

2. Alchemy by Rory Sutherland

3. Gamestorming (this is the latest one I am into which just has endless games that teach you design thinking and brainstorming with your team in a very fun and playful way)

Favorite Products

I am trying to learn about equity trading and Varsity by Zerodha is one app that is helping me with it. Apart from neat, clean and beautiful UI, it has its core in place which is the functionality of it. It has no fluff or extra things that you wouldn't need. The makers were very clear on what they wanted to offer the users and they nailed that bit.

Inspiration List

I honestly try not to follow particular people too much but one person who I am connected to and has taught me immensely is Himanshu Khanna, CEO Sparklin Innovations. His approach and though process has taught me immensely just not as a designer but as a thinker and as a manager as well.

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